Alison Is Retiring After 20 Years

17 September 2019
Alison, our most experienced Assembly Operator, is retiring after over 20 years with the New Zealand Pump Company.
Joining the business ‘last century’ Alison experienced our exciting growth into new markets around the world, where we eventually opened offices in the UK and an office and assembly plant in the USA. Some of the key milestones the New Zealand Pump Company has achieved over the last 20 years include:
  • 2001 – the Mark III Ezi-action Drumpump is launched along with the Ezi-action Powder Measure
  • 2002 – the NZ Pump Company is awarded “Waikato Emerging Exporter Of The Year”
  • 2008 – the UK business is established
  • 2010 – the NZ business (group headquarters) moves to a new larger manufacturing facility 
  • 2014 – the UK business is a finalist in the UK’s “Tomorrows’s Cleaning Awards”
  • 2015 – the new double thread MBSP55 fitting is introduced to international markets
  • 2019 – Ezi-action drum pumps are sold in over 110 countries worldwide
Being part of a close-knit team in a growing business means there are always pressures, challenges and victories along the way. After assembling over 500,000 drum pumps and accessories in her career, Alison has more than earned time to now enjoy retirement and time with her grandchildren.
CEO Jeff Hitchcock and the entire NZ Pump family thank Alison for her contribution and commitment and wish her all the best.
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