Ezi-action Shallow Well Pumps Donated to Charity

10 December 2018
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We have donated our NZ stock of Ezi-action® Shallow Well Pumps to Rotary Australasia to use in the Pacific on water projects.

The patented pumping principal incorporating flap valves, unique to every Ezi-action® Drumpump, was first used in the Ezi-action® Shallow Well Pump.

The patented principal was invented by the late Owen Jones, a British man living in New Zealand, after he visited Tonga, an island in the Pacific. His pumps provided an easier and more hygienic way for the people of Tonga to source water.

The T handle in the logo of New Zealand Pump Company is in recognition of the original pump. The ergonomic ball handle with safety strap was introduced in 1996 giving Ezi-action® Drumpumps a distinctive look and effective, proven safety features that are today valued in more than 110 countries.

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Ezi-action® Shallow Well Pumps have been installed in above ground concrete water tanks in Vanuatu.

They were installed on the island of Tongoa in Vanuatu as part of a Rotary project.





They are also being used in villages in Mexico. 

Limited Shallow Well Pump stock is still available from our USA and UK facilities.

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