Can it pump silicon?

27 November 2018

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are used to dispense silicon in the vehicle wash industry. However, to prevent the pump deforming and jamming it is recommended that the pump is removed after use and washed to remove silicon residues.

Leaving the pump in a drum of silicon after use can cause the pump to deform and jam.

Removing and washing the pump after use in clean soapy water will remove the silicon residues and assure longevity of the pump.


Vehicle wash companies clean the wheels to preserve the rubber. Applying a coat of silicone to the rubber with special applicators will make sure that the wheels are shiny and well protected.

Silicone oils are considered by some as the perfect guardians of surfaces. They are used on cars’ metal, glass and plastic surfaces.

Silicone products give vehicles a sheen that makes them look excellent for a short period of time.


As one end user said “Silicon does unusual things to polypropylene but we have learnt to manage this. We wash the pump in soapy water after we have used it to dispense the silicon we require that day. It is a great pump."



Learn more about chemical compatibility of Ezi-action® Drumpumps.

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