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What Temperature can be Dispensed?
9 September 2016

We advocate the use of the Ezi-action® Drumpumps at ambient air/liquid temperatures.

Higher temperatures risk softening the plastic and this can affect the pump in a variety of ways including causing the seals to leak.

Research indicates that the main components of the Ezi-action® Drumpump (polypropylene and LDPE) can cope with dishwashing temperatures which is 50C/ 120F.

We would advise using the Ezi-action® Drumpump in fluid temperatures lower than 50C/ 120F.


It can be possible for the pump to be used in higher temperature environments with a modification to the seals.

Seal Options are available.

In Australia to tolerate the heat extreme of the Cooper Basin ( 50C in the shade) the LDPE seals were replaced with 3 viton O rings and the Ezi-action® 200/55 Drumpump has proven reliable for dispensing 35% HCL.

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