Benefits Of Using Drum Pumps For Calving

20 August 2021
calving time in new zealand
Many companies provide a range of supplements, additives and feeds to help calving cows with their energy levels, protect them from bacterial infections and metabolic disorders, and increase milk production. Calcium and molasses based feeds are popular for helping calving cows through the transitional period and into lactation, while broad-spectrum anti-parasitic drenches can make a real impact on the condition of herds at calving.
For many of these products, the most common sizes of container are 5, 15, 60, 200 and 1,000 litres. With our origins in rural New Zealand, Ezi-action drumpumps were first developed for use on farms and orchards, and as such our hand pumps are specially designed to fit these exact containers, drums and IBCs. We provide replaceable LDPE seals which mean you can be sure of no leakage, and also have the ability to service the pump so it can keep performing year after year. Our safety measures ensure accurate and safe dispensing so you can be sure the correct mix is applied to livestock.
Aside from use during calving season, Ezi-action drum pumps have many other applications around the farm, and can be used to pump a range of chemicals from dairy shed detergents to herbicides. We have farmers who have used the same Eziaction drumpump for years and rave about them in our client drum pump testimonials section. This calving season, ask for Eziaction drumpumps at your local farming supplies retailer.
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