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Ezi-action® Hand Pumps

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Ezi-action® Water Well Pump | Hand Well Pump Solutions


The Ezi-action® Shallow Well Pump is constructed from PVC and is excellent for hand pumping clear water from a shallow well. The technology was first developed as a village pump to draw water from shallow wells on the Pacific island of Tonga. Now with threaded connection in a kitset package. 10 to 88ft pumping depth.
20 Minutes to install, 20 minutes to service if ever needed.

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Click here to see the Ezi-action® SHALLOW WELL PUMP’s at work in Mexico


Ezi-action® PVC HAND PUMP

For pumping clear water from tanks. Length can be customised to suit.

Click here to see a video of the Ezi-action® VILLAGE HAND PUMP pumping from a tank in Vanuatu


For hand pumping water also check out the features of the polypropylene Ezi-action® Tank Pump



Hand pump constructed from FDA compliant polypropylene (PP)  for the sourcing of water or for the removal of spill water from small boats. A safety accessory for kayaks, canoes and pleasure craft.
Utilising the pump's non-friction pumping principle, the Marine pump is a very effective hand bilge pump.


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Ezi-action® PP HAND PUMP

Excellent hand pumping solution for sediment and debris free water. Talk to us about your specific requirements and we can customise as required. FDA compliant polypropylene ( PP) Tank Pumps available. (New Zealand only)


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Further we can customise the length, the features and the accessories to provide hand pumping solutions for any sized container with an opening 45mm or greater are available. 


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Play Demonstration Video Ezi-Action® Drum Pumps Ezi-Action® Safety Measures Ezi-Action® Hand Pumps

Ezi-action® Complementary Products

The New Zealand Pump Company offer complementary innovative products that expand safety and innovation in liquid and powder dispensing to our customers worldwide.

Ezi-action® Safety Strap

Safety Strap


Powder Measure

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