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Do you offer a Bilge or Kayak Pump? Yes.

Ezi-action® Marine Pumps are proven for removing spill water from small boats.

The first bilge pumps produced were hand held, with time they evolved to be driven by fuel and electricity. Technological advancements with materials including polypropylene construction and innovative patented pumping principles including the Ezi-action® double action (upward and downwards strokes) means hand held pumps remain a viable and cost effective solution for bilge pumping.


In the marine environment bilge pumps have been developed for kayaking and they are an essential component of the sea kayaker’s equipment. Many kayakers will not enter the water without having a hand held kayak pump.


The famous Milford Sounds and Abel Tasman National Parks in New Zealand are renowned for their coastal beauty and sea kayaking. With the correct safety gear kayakers can be confident that where ever they paddle they will be prepared. Even on calm water, in beautiful weather there is the possibility of capsizing. For a kayaker there is always the possibility of rogue waves, water leaking into the kayak from a collision or rough weather. With the correct gear they can be confident that they can efficiently remove excess water and get home safely.


Ezi-action® Marine Pumps are a hand held kayak pump which is long and narrow enough to reach the farthest points where water can collect, with the ability to insert the pump without removing the spray skirt. With an attachable flexible hose the process of removing excess water is simple and easy. The unique design with rounded ball handle ensures easy storage. Being totally made of plastic the Ezi-action® Marine Pumps are buoyant. These pumps are reliable and will work when you need them.


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