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Excellent Barrel Pump


There are many market sectors that require the safe and
easy transfer of fluids from a barrel or drum.
Using the right fluid transfer pump safeguards the user
and ensures that the quality of the fluid is
not compromised.

There are many types of pumps on the market today; from those that are capable of transferring the harshest chemicals to those used in the food industry. Ezi-action® Drumpumps are multi-purpose and are able to be used for many chemical and liquid food transfer applications. Read more.

When it comes to determining the lifespan of the Ezi-action® Drumpump we use the Cole Palmer charts. These charts offer guidance and give excellent indicative information on the resistance of polypropylene plastic. Ezi-action® Drumpumps are constructed from a superior quality of polypropylene to manufacturing criteria that ensure the quality of your liquid will not be compromised during fluid transfer. By following some simple rules you can extend the life of the pump. Read more.




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