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Shallow Well Pump

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Excellent for hand pumping from a shallow well. The technology incorporated in the Ezi-action® Shallow Well Pump was first developed as a village pump to draw water from shallow wells on the Pacific island of Tonga. Now with threaded connection in a kitset package. 10 to 88ft pumping depth.
20 Minutes to install, 20 minutes to service if ever needed.

Click here to see the Ezi-action® SHALLOW WELL PUMP in operation.

Click here to see the Ezi-action® SHALLOW WELL PUMP’s at work in Mexico

Click here to see a video of the Ezi-action® VILLAGE HAND PUMP in Vanuatu

The Ezi-action® Shallow Well Pump is an excellent manual hand pump for villages without electricity and for use in an emergency and after a disaster. Being made from μPVC it is lightweight and transportable. It is available as a Kitset package or as components that can easily be glued together.

  • in a Kitset form it is easy to install (up to 20 minutes)
  • Kitset comes with pipe connection for the water level
  • pipe sections are connected by threaded joints that are only hand tightened                                       
  • made from uPVC - there is nothing to rust or corrode
  • low cost pump that has been thoroughly tested
  • Easy to install Kitset package
  • The pump is made from PVC plastic which makes it light to handle. Each section is threaded for easy assembly. 2 people will take between 15 and 20 minutes to install a 52ft pump. No additional piping or plumbing required.

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20 to 35 litres per minute (5 to 8 Gallons)
You will pump between 5 and 8 gallons per minute depending on the depth of the pump and speed of operation. Water is delivered on both the up and down stroke. An ergonomical pumping action using the legs is shown in the installation instructions. (Some say it is better exercise than going to the gym).

Tested to 10 million cycles
During research a shallow well pump with this patented pumping principle was continuously run for 10 million pumping cycles. At the end of the test the pump was delivering the same amount of water per cycle as at the beginning, and when dis-assembled little or no wear could be detected.

Patented pumping action
The unique factor about this pump is that it is neither a piston nor a vacuum pump. It incorporates a unique pumping principle that does not have to overcome any friction in the pumping action.

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