What Is A Good Acid Transfer Pump?

3 September 2020
Acid Danger Sign
This is one of the questions most frequently asked by customers around the world, from Dairy and Crop Farmers to Food Processors and Commercial Cleaners.
It is critical to have a hand pump that can be trusted to transfer acids and chemicals safely, protecting both staff and workplace environments. The US CDC has previously reported that the five most common chemicals causing injury in the workplace in the US were:
Carbon Monoxide
Hydrochloric Acid
Sulfuric Acid
Ezi-action Drumpumps are proven to pump all the strong acids listed above, excluding carbon monoxide which is a gas produced by burning gasoline, wood, propane, charcoal or other fuel. 
They are being used to pump cleaning acids, hydrocholoric acid, sodium hypochlorite (commonly called chlorine), battery acid (35% sulphuric acid), ammonia, formic acid,  formalin, peracetic acid, propionic acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, farm acids for preserving silage and nitric acids used in hydroponics to name a few. 
Constructed in robust polypropylene and polyethylene plastic, our hand drum pumps come in a range of sizes for 20 litre containers up to 1000 litre totes and IBCs. Many happy customers report our pumps giving five years or more of good service, partly due to the fact they can be easily cleaned and maintained.
Get in touch if you’d like to learn more, or have a search online to buy Ezi-action drumpumps or find your nearest store.
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