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Maximize Safety and Convenience with the EZI-ACTION® Non-Siphon Tube—Chemical-Resistant, Up to 3m Long, and Perfectly Compatible with Our Unique Non-Siphon Check Valve.

Features & Benefits

Our Non-Siphon Tube is chemical resistant, non-toxic PVC clear hose.

We offer it to a maximum length of 3m.

ID of 19mm.

It is fitted with our unique chemical resistant Ezi-action® Non-Siphon Check Valve.

Our Non-Siphon Tube fits securely over the lip on the spout of the Ezi-action® Drum Pump.

With an Ezi-action® Non-Siphon Tube is fitted to the Ezi-action® Drumpump:

  • Enclosed dispensing into containers and other receptacles is safer and enclosed.
  • Drum contents cannot be accidently lost to waste.
  • Direct dispensing into engines and AdBlue tanks on vehicles is easier.

How to install the Non-siphon Check Valve and Tubing

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