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Upgrade Your Pump’s Performance with the EZI-ACTION® S Seal Pack—Sophisticated Hytrel Seals for Greater Memory and Extended Longevity.

Features & Benefits

Greater memory than LDPE is offered with the Ezi-action® S Seal Pack.

The Ezi-action® S Seal Pack contains a more sophisticated plastic washer seal and scraper seal. This plastic is hytrel.

The Ezi-action® hytrel seals in an Ezi-action® Drumpump can be an advantage when:

  • Pumping a large volume of liquid at one time.
  • The LDPE seals are frequently needing to be replaced.

Do you want to check whether the Ezi-action S Seal Pack is best for you?

Check through this plastics compatibility guide. Hytrel and viton ( V Seal Pack)  are highlighted.

Click on the image to view the document.

For more information and to source Ezi-action® S Seal Packs please Contact Us.

How To Change Seals

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