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Ezi-action® Drum Pumps, Hand Pumps and complementary products are providing quality, safety and innovation in fluid and powder dispensing to customers worldwide.

Ezi-action® pumping effectively describes the technology incorporated in the pump dispensing equipment offered by the New Zealand Pump Company. Watch the video. Whether you are hand pumping from a drum or dispensing powder by hand you can find Ezi-action® dispensing products and accessories that will give you smooth action and easy transfer.


The Ezi-action® product range includes:


The Ezi-action® Drum Pump is recognised around the world as the hand pump of choice and the New Zealand Pump Company is proud to offer branding and customisation to differentiate the pumps to your company or product. Further we now offer accessories and complementary products of the same quality and reliability as the drum pump.



The easiest way to differentiate the Ezi-action® Drum Pump to your company or product is with a coloured Safety Strap.

Ezi-action® Safety Straps are available in the following standard colours: red, blue, yellow, orange, green and purple.

Minimum order quantities apply.




Our Ezi-action® Adaptor fittings cover the globe. By supplying an Ezi-action® Drum Pump with the correct adaptor fitting for your drum you are providing your customer with a total dispensing solution that secures the Ezi-action® Drum Pump securely into your drum making pumping safer and ensuring all the contents are emptied. This reflects well on you as a company.


Another proven approach is adding a label with your own logo and contact details. This will encourage the customer to repeat purchase.

Talk to us about proven ways of branding and customising Ezi-action® Drum Pumps to grow your market share.



We are expanding our range of accessories: NOW AVAILABLE

  • Ezi-action® Non-siphon Check Valve for preventing unintentional siphoning.   
  • PVC tubing 0.5m x 19mm ID

  • PVC tubing 33" x 0.75" ID (USA sales only)

  • PVC tubing 3.0m x 19mm ID

  • Ezi-action® 20mm adaptor fitting for securing 20mmOD pick-up lances.
  • Splash guard spout for filling bottles with 28mm openings.



To learn more about our accessories contact us.

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Ezi-action® Complementary Products

The New Zealand Pump Company offer complementary innovative products that expand safety and innovation in liquid and powder dispensing to our customers worldwide.

Ezi-action® Safety Strap

Safety Strap


Powder Measure

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