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Seal the Deal with the EZI-ACTION® Pick-up Lance Adaptor Fitting—Firmly Secure Your Lance and Prevent Contamination in Multiple Drum Thread Configurations.

Features & Benefits

Is the opening of your drum wider than your pick-up lance?

Could contaminates enter your drum through this opening?

Could fumes escape through this opening?

Do you want to secure your pick-up lance and eliminate the risk of contamination of the drum contents?

Our Ezi-action® Pick-up Lance Adaptor Fitting - 20mm will firmly secure a pick-up lance with a 20mm outer diameter into a drum and will prevent contaminates entering the drum.

There is an Ezi-action® Pick-up Lance Adaptor Fitting - 20mm for every common internal drum thread configuration:

MBSP - 20mm

M55 - 20mm

M63 - 20mm

M69 - 20mm

MR - 20mm

Learn more about our Ezi-action® M fittings for drums with internal thread configurations.

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