When brewing fermented drinks and foods, keeping equipment clean is essential. Learn how Ezi-action hand pumps are the best option for these artisan drinks and foods.


Ezi-action® Drumpumps are proven in the growing fermented food and drink sector.

Cheese, yoghurt and craft beer makers are being joined by other fermented food and drink manufacturers in this growing sector including those producing fermented Kombucha.

The demand for the non-alcoholic, fermented, cold tea drink with probiotics, known as Kombucha is growing in the USA market with the newer flavours including coconut and mangoes, apple, berries and herbs & spices helping with the success.

Artisan and fermented foods include probiotic coconut yoghurt, sourdough breads, lacto fermented goat powder, nut yoghurt, honey based fermented elixirs and more.

The South Pacific drink Kava is on the rise in the USA.  Reference:

Keeping equipment clean is essential with the production of these artisan drinks and foods.

Cleaning chemicals and sanitisers need to be dispensed safely and reliably.

Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are proven for this task.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps eliminate the risk of chemical wastage and ensure operator safety.

Cleaning of Equipment.

Cleaning chemicals and sanitisers need dispensing manually from bulk containers (5 gallon pail sizes and above).

  • Ezi-action® Drumpumps are chemical resistant.
  • Ezi-action® Drumpumps are made from FDA compliant plastics and are food safe.
  • Ezi-action® Drumpumps are excellent for dispensing all cleaning chemicals including strong alkalis and acids.
  • Ezi-action® Drumpumps are excellent for dispensing all sanitisers including peracetic acids and ethanol.
  • The Ezi-action® Safety Measure Kit enhances safety and is being used to dispense peracetic acid used as a sanitiser.

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Why Ezi-action® Drumpumps are the Best.

There are only a few dispensing choices available.
Lift and pour directly from the container, lift and lay the container on its side and insert a tap, or install a drum pump.

The safest, most reliable and economical method is a drum pump which has the following features:

  • Is FOOD SAFE and meets applicable compliance standards.
  • Can be cleaned.
  • Allows the pail or barrel to stay upright. Upright pumping means that the container is not on its side and susceptible to leakage.
  • Reliability and tolerance to acid and alkali ingredients.
  • Differentiation system to ensure that the pump is used for its designated purpose and there is no risk of cross contamination.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are being used with confidence around the world because they are food safe, they are reliable and they can be cleaned.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are very economical because they give years of use and don't leak.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps allow business to enjoy all the benefits of bulk buying.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps provide upright pumping from the base of the bulk container meaning not only is there no wastage of the liquid product but also those handling the bulk containers are less at risk from work injuries associated with repetitive bending or lifting heavy containers.

Compliance with Food Standards

Meeting the relevant standards for materials and articles that come into contact with food is important.

NZ Pump Company Inc is the manufacturer of Ezi-action® Drumpumps in California, USA for the Americas. We are proud to state where we manufacture.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are constructed from FDA approved polypropylene and LDPE.

We are pleased to provide support documents to confirm FDA compliance.


Ezi-action® Drumpumps are easily cleaned. After cleaning they can be inspected because they can be dismantled.

Differentiation to Prevent Cross Contamination and Improve Identification

Ezi-action® Drumpumps can be differentiated by colour  and be specifically used in a cleaning chemical, sanitiser or a liquid food or differentiated to a zone.  

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