The safest, most reliable and economical method for transfering liquid foods is an Eziaction drum pump. See the award winning features here.


Food Safe Ezi-action® Drumpumps are excellent for artisan and craft food companies.

Artisan, craft food companies and breweries are increasing in dominance. Their operations are very hands-on with hand mixing of ingredients and manual cleaning of equipment. Special additives, ingredients and other items need to be added manually from bulk containers.

There are only a few dispensing choices available.
Lift and pour directly from the container, lift and lay the container on its side and insert a tap, or install a drum pump.


  • Is food safe and meets applicable compliance standards.
  • Can be cleaned.
  • Allows the container to stay upright. Upright pumping means that the container is not on its side and susceptible to leakage.
  • Reliability and tolerance to acid and alkali ingredients.
  • Differentiation system to ensure that the pump is used for its designated purpose and there is no risk of cross contamination.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are being used with confidence around the world in the food industry because they are food safe, they are reliable and they can be cleaned.  Further they are very economical because they give years of use and don't leak. Ezi-action® Drumpumps provide upright pumping from the base of the bulk container meaning not only is there no wastage of the liquid product but also those handling the bulk containers are less at risk from work injuries associated with repetitive bending or lifting heavy containers.

Compliance Food Standards

Meeting the relevant standards for materials and articles that come into contact with food is important.

New Zealand Pump Company is the manufacturer of Ezi-action® Drumpumps in Hamilton, New Zealand and California, USA and we are proud to state where we manufacture.

New Zealand Pump Company is pleased to provide Declarations of Good Manufacturing Practice and Traceability in line with practices defined by European Commission Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 and European Regulations  (EC) 1935/2004.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are constructed from FDA approved polypropylene and LDPE.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are Japanese Hygiene approved.

New Zealand Pump Company is pleased to provide support documents to confirm FDA compliance and Japanese Hygiene Approval.


Ezi-action® Drumpumps are easily cleaned: after cleaning they can be inspected and are very simple to service, which prolongs their life.

Differentiation to Prevent Cross Contamination

Ezi-action® Drumpumps can be differentiated by colour. The safety strap that prevents unauthorised use of the pump is available in a range of colours.

If you are interested in other colour coding options, please contact our UK and Europe Sales Team.

Proven to Pump Liquid Foods

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are being used to dispense food oils including coconut oil and olive oil, food additives including colourings, sauces including tomato sauce, food acids including vinegar and acetic acid, water and milk.

Ezi-action® Drumpump will pump viscous foods such as honey and molasses.