Key Trends and Innovations from Interclean Amsterdam 2024

Explore the trends from Interclean Amsterdam 2024 with NZ Pump Co.'s Ezi-action® Drum Pumps, focusing on sustainability, smart cleaning tech, and enhanced hygiene standards.

Key Trends and Innovations from Interclean Amsterdam 2024

Interclean Amsterdam 2024: Key Trends and Innovations

NZ Pump Co. recently attended the 2024 Interclean Conference in Amsterdam, the world's leading trade show for cleaning and hygiene professionals. This year’s event provided an invaluable opportunity to showcase our Ezi-action® Drum Pumps, connect with industry leaders, and explore the latest trends and innovations from all over the world. The insights gained and the connections made from this year’s conference, will undoubtedly influence our approach to innovation and customer service in the coming years.

Key Trends in Cleaning and Hygiene


Sustainability was a major theme at Interclean Amsterdam 2024. The industry is increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices and products that benefit the people and the planet. Our Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are designed with sustainability in mind, made from recyclable materials and engineered to minimise waste. This aligns with the global push towards greener cleaning solutions, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact without compromising on hygiene standards.

Smart Cleaning Technologies

The development of smart cleaning technologies is transforming the industry. From automated cleaning robots to IoT-enabled devices, the integration of technology in cleaning is enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. At the conference, we saw numerous examples of how these innovations are being implemented. While NZ Pump Co.'s Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are manually operated, their simplicity, reliability, and efficiency complement these high-tech solutions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to modern cleaning needs.

Enhanced Hygiene Standards

Maintaining high hygiene standards remains a top priority, especially in the wake of recent global health challenges. Effective cleaning protocols and products are essential. The Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are pivotal in this regard, providing a reliable method for dispensing cleaning agents accurately, efficiently, and safely, which is crucial for maintaining stringent hygiene standards.

Cleaning Smarter and Sustainably with Ezi-action® Drum Pumps

To help cleaning professionals maximise efficiency and sustainability, here are some tips and tricks for using our Ezi-action® Drum Pumps:

Accurate Dispensing: Use the Ezi-action® Drum Pump to measure and dispense precise amounts of cleaning agents, reducing waste and ensuring the right concentration for effective cleaning.

Eco-friendly Materials: Our pumps are made from recyclable materials, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Durability: The robust design of Ezi-action® Drum Pumps ensures long-term use, reducing the need for frequent replacements and further minimizing waste.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of cleaning agents, our pumps can be used across various applications, making them a versatile tool for any cleaning professional.

Ease of Use: The ergonomic design makes it easy to operate, reducing strain on users and improving overall efficiency.

Cleaning & Hygiene Going Forward

The 2024 Interclean Conference highlighted the importance of sustainability, technological integration, and high hygiene standards in the cleaning industry. NZ Pump Co. is proud to be at the forefront of these developments with our Ezi-action® Drum Pumps. We are committed to continuing our efforts to provide reliable, eco-friendly, and efficient cleaning solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from NZ Pump Co. as we continue to lead the way in the cleaning and hygiene sector.