This Australian sugar cane farmer is delighted how Ezi-action drum pumps dispense glyphosates and herbicides, fungicides and pesticides from 15 - 30 litre containers.


"I run a sugarcane farm outside Cairns and I have to deal with chemicals for spraying crops. I have a number of 20liters [sic] drums I have to use and I want something that will pump the chemical out to my measuring cup eliminating spillage and also hoping the pumps don't leak, leaks would be a problem. I am trying to stay safe and not come in contact with the chemicals." Sugar Cane Grower, Queensland, Australia.

We received this website enquiry and were able to advise that the  Ezi-action® 25/5 Drumpumps  are the solution. They are safe and reliable and are excellent for dispensing glyphosates and many herbicides, fungicides and pesticides from 15 - 30 litre containers and barrels.

He has also identified the value of the Ezi-action® Safety Measures and added them to his order.

Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are known for their durability and reliability for dispensing dangerous agricultural chemicals including glyphosates and many solvent free herbicides from bulk containers, our quality barrel pumps are trusted by farmers around the world.

Actual names are on file and are available on request.