Dispensing liquids from an IBC tote with the Ezi-action 1000/220 IBC Pump gives total control and reduces the risk of wastage, mess, hazardous spills and agency fines.


Whether you call it an IBC (Intermediate bulk container), 1000litre tote, pod, flow bin, pallecon or transi tote these bulk containers are designed to transport and store 1000 litres and to be emptied through a large tap on the side.

However, when a small volume of liquid is required, dispensing through the tap can risk expensive wastage.

When dispensing through the tap there is also the risk of mess and the risk of a hazardous chemical spill.

With the Ezi-action® 1000/220 (IBC) Pump you can be confident about dispensing the quantity of liquid you want.

No risk of wastage of valuable liquids.

No risk of mess.

No risk of hazardous spill.

No risk of agency fines.

The Ezi-action® 1000/220 (IBC) Pump offers the same superior features as all Ezi-action® Drumpumps. They are lockable, reach to the base of the IBC, pump vertically and empty all the contents.

Supplied with the new Ezi-action® MBSP55 Fitting to easily secure into the inner cap whether a 58mm fine thread or 55mm medium thread.

If your IBC does not have an inner cap then a hole can be cut.

Watch the video clip installing an IBC Pump at 1:18mins to learn how.

The optional 3m non-siphon tube makes delivery easier and safer.

The Ezi-action® 1000/220 Pump is also an excellent emergency pump should the power fail.

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