The Ezi-action 1000/220 IBC vertical hand pump is 255mm long and reaches to the base of the IBC, meaning less waste and safer control of bulk containers. Learn more here.


The Ezi-action® 1000/220 IBC Hand Pump was developed several years ago for a customer in Germany who had a high value product stored in IBCs for bulk buying benefits.

However, they did not want their customers accidently losing product when using the tap at the base of the IBC or through the tap of their IBC hand pump leaking. They wanted vertical pumping that emptied all the contents.

The Ezi-action® 1000/220 Pump is 255mm longer than the Ezi-action® 200/55 Drumpump and reaches to the base of the IBC.

We have seen an increase in demand across Europe and the UK for our Ezi-action® 1000/220 Pump as chemical companies and their clients enjoy the pricing benefit of bulk purchasing but want a proven hand pump dispensing solution.

Our customers are telling us that they prefer the vertical pumping Ezi-action® 1000/220 IBC Hand Pump because they are not confident about the security of the tap at the bottom of the IBC and do not want to risk the costs involved should their chemicals accidently leak. Leakage of 1000litre of chemical would not just mean lost financial outlay it also can result in environmental and safety authority fines.

The 3m non-toxic PVC non-siphon tube fits securely on to the spout of the Ezi-action® 1000/220 Pump. This accessory offers easier dispensing and enhances safety.

Our Ezi-action® MBSP55 Adaptor Fitting provides two thread configurations in one fitting. It secures the Ezi-action® 1000/220 Pump into the IBC’s that commonly have either the BSP or trisure double cap on the inner cap of the IBC.

Some IBC’s do not have a double cap. To fit the Ezi-action 1000/220 Pump we suggest you drill a hole in the large cap and glue into the cap the MBSP55 Fitting.

View the video clip on our Drumpumps Adaptors page at 1:18mins to learn more.

Like all Ezi-action® Drumpumps the proven longevity, chemical resistance, durability and operator safety of the Ezi-action® 1000/220 (IBC) Pump is well appreciated by the end user and chemical companies.