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25/5 Drum Pump

Our Ezi-action® 25/5 Drum Pump is our smallest standard hand pump for 20-30 litre containers

Easy to use

  • Two fingers on the handle for hand pumping and fluid transfer.
  • Pumps viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps including oils, lubricants, molasses, and moisturisers.
  • Swivel spout.
  • Empties all the contents of container.

Reliable & Economical

  • Revolutionary, patented double action pumping principle.
  • No critical wearing parts.
  • Fully serviceable.
  • Fast, continuous flow.
  • Does not leak.
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand and USA.


  • Can be fitted with a coloured safety strap.
  • Avoid chemical mix-ups.
  • Differentiate to acid or alkali chemicals.
Works with containers:
230, 200, 110, 100 litre
55, 25 gallon
Dispensed per stroke:
13.5 fl oz
Works with containers:
60, 30-20 litre
15, 8-5 gallon
Overall height:
1 metre
3 feet
Shaft height from neck:
770 mm
30 inches
Works with containers:
20 - 30 litre
5 - 8 gallon
Works with openings:
42 mm
1 2/3 inch
Dispensed per stroke:
160 ml
5.5 fl oz
  • Suited to dispensing any small can or drum with a minimum opening of 42mm in diameter.
  • Shorter shaft height allows for easy pumping on a bench or table top.
  • Same components as all the Ezi-action® drum pumps for ease of service.
  • Perfect for dispensing 20 litre to 30 litre chemical containers in janitorial, commercial, industrial cleaning and in agricultural market sectors.
  • Secures into the container opening with an Ezi-action® C Adaptor Fitting. Learn more
  • Dispenses roughly 160ml a stroke.
  • Simple construction provides no complications for user.
  • Using a drum pump for each chemical in the workplace provides safe, mess free dispensing and controls workplace hazards.
  • Easy to clean and small enough for easy storage.

For more detailed information on the Ezi-action® 25/5 Drum Pump, click the link below to open our pdf for details.

Information sheet for Ezi-action® 25/5 Drum Pump.

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